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Mantra will be offering a mix of yoga classes including Beginner, Advanced, Gentle flow, Yin, Aroma-Yin, Reiki Restorative, Prenatal Yoga and  Kid's yoga

Mantra aims to offer a 30 min FREE community Reiki Meditation daily, to help encourage mindfulness into the community.  

Mantra would also like to offer several 30 min FREE breathwork classes throughout the week to help restore vital energy in the body.  By using various breathing techniques you can consciously shift your mindset and mood and improve your overall health and well being. 

Every month there will be an offering for the community to learn, and be attuned to channel Reiki Healing Energy for themselves and others.  In Reiki level 1 you learn the basic principles of Reiki and how to ground and center this energy within your body for self healing.  You also learn and practice becoming a channel for this infinite Life Force to pass through you and to be passed on to others.  Spreading empowering light energy to yourself and others.  Reiki level 2 training involves learning sacred Reiki symbols which helps increase the strength of the energy you have already learned to channel.  There are three sacred symbols learned, to help increase power, bring emotional balance and also to send distance Reiki energy to those you love.  Level 2 dives deeper into expanded states of reality and dimensional realms.

Mantra will be offering monthly meditative sound baths using crystal bowls, drums, chimes and other instruments to "bathe" you with healing sound waves.  Reiki is infused into this experience,  together the deep vibrations can help clear stagnant energy and  bring your chakras and mindset into alignment.

 Mantra will be offering a monthly drum circle where people can come together all as equal.  There is no wrong note and you join the music with your own beat.  Drumming can be a very grounding experience and a wonderful way to release tension, while feeling part of a community creating cool sound waves.

A  very free-ing way of dance where you let yourself go and allow your body to move naturally to the rhythm.   Dancers can close their eyes to release inhibitions and fear and just move how their bodies need to be moved.  This can lead to a trance and bring on feelings of ecstasy

Mantra aims to empower kids with mindfulness practices such as dance, yoga, Reiki, and crystal bowl sound baths.  This hours is meant to allow kids to have fun and play, and then end off in a relaxed state of mind. 

Energetic upgrade for your soul

Mantra Sprit Studio Yoga In Fernie BC
Mantra Spirit Studio Yoga Fernie BC
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Mantra Spirit Studio

A unique Reiki inspired Yoga studio in Fernie BC. Empowering the Mind, Body and Spirit with Vital Life force Energy to promote new levels of growth, expansion and healing.

Mantra Spirit Healing, Reiki Fernie BC
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