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Mind, Body & Spirit



Our energy is continually being released and replenished. When we develop a treatment practice protecting our energy fields and draw in Infinite Reiki Energy, we have more joy, peace, vitality and health.

Enjoy a Reiki Treatment to clear unwanted energy and settle in to a gentle hands on channeling of healing Reiki energy. Allow yourself to relax and recharge with with healing treatment.

Reiki & Akashic Records

Relaxation, energy healing and a sacred reading in your Akashic Records. These intuitive sessions can give much clarity to the soul’s purpose and growth, help clear energy blocks from past lives and offer intuitive guidance from your higher self.

A Reiki Akashic session normally lasts 1.5 hours providing deep insight and healing.


Reiki & Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage

Enjoy a relaxing Reiki massage to help balance your energy centers and promote harmony in your body.  This treatment uses eight pure doterra essential oils, specifically formulated to help boost your immune system and regulate your nervous system.  This oils are gently massaged into your back and and feet, while being activated with Reiki healing energy.  This is a wonderful treatment for rest and relaxation. 


Give The Gift Of Wellness

Share wellness with those you love!

Mantra Spirit Studio offers gift certificates for treatments and classes!

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